Upcoming Boys Soccer Season

Ramon Ruiz, Reporter

In terms of athletic ability, technical skill and cardiovascular endurance, soccer is considered one of the most difficult sports at which to excel. The West High soccer program upholds the competition and difficulty of the sport and has a reputation for success.

Senior Kyle Saelee has played for West from freshman year until now. Saelee has been playing soccer his whole life, as long as he can remember. When he’s playing soccer on a team he usually plays right defensive back. When he’s not playing for West, he plays with the competitive team Velocity, Anchorage Youth Soccer Club and also intramural Boys and Girls Club.

Saelee says soccer isn’t a difficult sport for him because his cardio is so good that the constant running doesn’t affect him. Saelee believes playing soccer helps him be a good athlete all around, and keeps him fit for playing hockey.

Edgar Santos has been playing soccer since childhood. Santos usually plays as a defender, but more specifically left back. At the age six or seven he started taking the sport seriously. He’s been playing for the Eagles since his junior year. “I’m hoping I’ll be playing this year,” Santos said.

Soccer takes a lot of effort, and if you don’t like running this sport is not meant for you. This sport takes a lot of running nonstop with no breaks, you always need to push yourself to the max. When you are in the game you need to have excellent communication skills so the rest of the team knows what’s happening around in the field during a game. Another skill that you need for this program is being able to know the basics; common knowledge. For example, knowing how to trap the ball properly and how to pass straight to your teammate, without the opposing team intercepting the pass.