Girls Flag Football (C Team)

Bibiana Contreras, Reporter

Flag Football is a confidence booster for many teen girls. It’s also a source of exercise and teaches girls an important basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Girls flag football is just one of the many sports that West provides students to join in.

Dymone Moore is 14-year-old freshmen who joined flag because she, “likes the competition.” Moore says that she likes staying active and that flag is a new sport for her. She states that flag has been “challenging so far” but she adds that she enjoys being on the team with close friends. “We have a good coach and a good team captain,” she says.

She says that she would tell girls to totally join next year because it’s a fun sport, and at first she wasn’t into it, but after joining, she doesn’t regret it. Moore enjoys working together as a team and bonding with other people. She adds that she can’t wait to join next year.

Juliette Adlawan is a basketball player for girls Rage City team in Anchorage. She was iffy about joining flag because it uses different techniques than basketball, and it was her first year playing. Her reason for joining was, “staying on shape, meeting new people, and to be doing something after school.” The wins that the team gets motivates them to keep going and makes them come together.

Adlawan says the coach has expressed multiple times how proud he is of the team, and how far they have come from the beginning of the season. She states that she enjoys winning the games and the people that she has met. Being the wide receiver, Adlawan’s strengths are catching and running fast. “Teamwork and focus are the main factors of winning the game,” Adlawan says. The obstacles she had to face were learning a whole new different sport from what she originally plays.

Adlawan then adds that she makes three touchdowns a game and is very proud of the accomplishments that she’s made this season. She can’t wait to join flag next year.

Kate Remsen joined flag for the first time this year as well as many others on the team. She felt as if she wasn’t alone because of how many new people who have never played flag had joined. Especially when having a “supporting coach” she feels comfortable on the team.

“When we’re having a bad day, he gives us encouragement and he tells us to push ourselves to great limits,” Remsen says. Coach Charlie was the person who kept the team full of spirit and determination. Remsen humoredly says that he motivates the team by saying he’s going to buy them milkshakes for every interception the girls make.

Remsen enjoys playing flag because it’s a fun sport and keeps her in shape. The games are intense depending on what schools they go against. Some are off the bat easy, and some are difficult and struggling games. The last game of the season on October 3rd; the girls kept their winning streak with a big 10 games that they’ve won their flag season.

With only two games that they’ve lost they’ve felt defeat before but didn’t like it all. That’s what determined them to work together and better to be at the place that they’re in today.

The girls ended their season being top 1 for C team flag football players out of all other high schools. Remsen says, “The team worked hard to be where they’re at right now and we’re  happy to be top 1 for West High.” Flag football will always have an impact on Remsen’s life and she can’t wait to further her sports career next year and join again to hopefully make a higher team. C team girls have set a high for next year coming girls.

The girls flag football team will be even more determined to win games next year and set a new high for West High school.