Dimond – West Volleyball Game 10/24

Jaidyn Bianchi, Reporter

On Tuesday, October 24, Dimond High School and West High School had a nail biting volleyball game that went all five sets and had to exceed the 15-point limit, as the two teams were neck and neck.  

The first game was highly anticipated by the fans as it was delayed an hour from its original start time.  “We were all nervous going into the game because Dimond has a very intimidating crowd rather people want to admit it or not, and the delay just made it worse,” said Kelsey Ross, setter for West High School.  Once the game finally started, Dimond came out battling as it was 8-0 before West could put anything on the board.  

Dimond would go on to win that set and gain momentum going into the second set.  “We knew they were going to be hyped up about winning the first set but we didn’t let that loss effect us going into the second set,”  said Ross.

And that they did as they went on to win the next two sets taking the lead over Dimond, with the help of Faith Morroquin’s scoring off of eight consecutive serves in the second game and  Kelsey Ross’ nine points throughout the third set.  “Going into the fourth set with a 2-1 lead definitely gave us a feeling of relief and confidence to finish it off,”  said April Stahl, head coach for West.  

West would go on to lose the set 21-25, making way for a fifth and final set.  “We weren’t worried about the loss, we were able to afford it, we just knew that we had to give it all we had for the last set,”  Stahl added.

West forced the game to exceed its 15-point limit, but still came up just short as the Dimond Lynx took the win with the final score being 17-15.  “It was definitely a well battled game.  They came on our court and made us work for every single point we got.  They’re a great team and we know that we will be seeing them again soon,” said Kim Lauwers.  When asked if Lauwers had any special schemes for them next time she replied by saying, “I’m not too worried about coming up with a new game plan so to say for them right now.  With regions coming up we need to focus on whoever is in front of us and when we get to West we can go from there.”  

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