C-Team Basketball

Jason Lopez-Gonzalez, Reporter

West Anchorage High School took on Kodiak High School Thursday, February 25th at 4:30pm in West’s gym. This event was played by c-teams of both schools and although it was spiked with fouls and much needed competitiveness, it resulted in a healthy dose of motivation for the winning team.

Joseph Kueter is the coach of West’s c-team and he’s coached for three years, one as a junior varsity assistant coach and two as the c-team coach. “I have to remember they’re young and they’re learning,” said Kueter. According to him sometimes it’s a challenge to keep his head on tight while training with them. The boys from West have to train every day to be top notch in their games.

“[The game] had a good flow and they were all good players,” said Alan Hull one of the referee’s for the game. Hull has had five years experience refereeing different games. He trains every day using hand signals and eye contact with his partners, which in turn helps them work as a team whenever they are called to referee a game.

Devon Mong was one of the top scorers for this game, taking 15 shots plus. Mong is 16 years old and has played basketball since he was in kindergarten. In his life it’s the sport he most enjoys. At first according to Mong, “the game started off bad… our setup was a little off,” but once the second half of the game started West brought its game back up. After they got their game together they started racing ahead of Kodiak with two fouls on their count and 62 baskets as well, they buried Kodiak who were at a meager 47. More than one time same team members would crash and fight for the ball, which would ultimately lead to them losing the ball. At the end of the game Kodiak c-team left with one disabled basketball player with a concussion as a result of those crashes.