A Look Inside West Volleyball

Sophia Fast, Reporter

This year the volleyball team is better than ever and ready to defeat any team in their way. West Anchorage High School volleyball took the lead against Chugiak Wednesday October 14th.

The volleyball team recently moved from 3rd rank to 2nd rank when they beat South on Tuesday October 20th. South was the only undefeated team in the conference.

They have a pre-game ritual where they do a warm up dance called “jigalode” as a team to get pumped up and excited. These girls have a strong support system where they can discuss what they need to work on to make the team better and stronger. They are constantly telling each other things like, “Good job,” which helps everyone stay close and confident.

Coach Mike Vincent says, “You can’t just take talented athletes and play good volleyball. They have to mesh; they have to have chemistry; they have to trust each other.” Having this strong team dynamic has helped them beat many teams this year.

Coach Mike also says, “They don’t have clichés and they don’t have drama.” This helps the girls to get along and play well together.

Temple Vice who has the position of libero says, “We are comfortable in our gym, and it’s kickass.” Having the home field advantage for many of the games they’ve won has really been a strong advantage.

Temple has been playing for 8 years since 6th grade. Many of the girls on the team have also been playing since middle school. They know what they are doing and how to help each other out. According to Coach Vincent and Temple Vice they can beat most any team when they work their hardest and bring intensity to the court.

West High Volleyball has their senior night Friday at 7:15 pm against Dimond. Currently Dimond is ranked number two in the CIC right above West.

West High plays against East at East High School Tuesday October 27th at 7:15 PM. On Tuesday, the 27th of October, if West beats East in their conference match they will hold the number three seed going into regions.

Regions start November 3rd and end November 7th, and state is from November 12th until November 14th. Only the three top teams go compete in state for Division 4A.