Sean Duffy: More Than Just an Athlete

Sophie Weiser, Reporter

Sean Duffy is the varsity football quarterback and a varsity baseball pitcher for the the West High Eagles. He came to West from Valdez his sophomore year. He has been playing baseball since he was little but only started playing football his freshman year.

It is incredible that someone who has only played football for four years can be the key/controlling position on a varsity team. His parents got him into baseball because he had a naturally strong arm which is good for the positions he plays in both sports. This explains his natural talent in football.

Duffy’s friend Erik Erdmann has known Duffy since he came to West. “Duffy is a very charismatic good guy who is super energetic and I guess all around, fun to be around,” he says. Erdmann adds that Sean is a leader, very smart, and generous.

Sean describes himself as funny, sarcastic, determined, and, “Kind of dumb sometimes.” Everyone who knows Sean will agree that he is a very fun guy to be around.

Being a quarterback requires great leadership skills. You have to know almost everything including what all 10 positions are doing. Sean admits he has a pretty good memory, making him even better for this position. He is very committed to the physical skills. “Reps of whatever I need to do I’ll do it, and that’s really how I continue to get better at it.”

Duffy says that he is planning to go to college next year for baseball, and that that is what he really wants to do. He also says that if that does not work out then he always has football. During football season he is constantly busy between practices and homework, so when he gets the chance he mostly just hangs out with friends.

“During football season he is all about football, and during baseball season he is all about baseball,” Erdmann said about how Duffy is with the sports that he plays.