Aces Game – October 17th


October 17th Aces Game at Sullivan Arena.

At 7:19 pm on Saturday, October 17th, the puck dropped at an Alaska Aces game at the Sullivan Arena. It was the Aces second game of the season, as well as the second game against the Missouri Mavericks. The Aces had won the game facing the Mavericks the night before.

The beginning of the game started rough for the Aces, Rob Murray, the manager for the Aces, agreed and said, “We handed them the momentum of the game early.”

The Mavericks scored their first goal only 5:48 into the first period by #22, Josh Holmstrom. Kurt Haider, the director of media relations and the play by play announcer, said “The guys were flat.”

Just after the first goal was scored, another puck made its way into the net as Holmstrom scored against the Aces again, only 9:47 into the first period.

Precisely two minutes after the second goal had been made, a fight broke out between Aces player #22, David Eddy, and Mavericks player #27, Andrew Courtney. The referees were able to eventually break up the fight and both players were escorted off the ice.

The second period of the game was filled with tension between the two teams, and with only four minutes into the second period, Mavericks player #34, Kyle Burroughs scored into the Aces goal.

After an uneventful third period, the Aces lost 0-3 against the Mavericks. Ronnie Tessier, an Aces fan, said, “Tonight’s game was kind of a disappointment because the Aces lost by three points.”

“They managed the the puck better than we did tonight. It was nowhere near as good as last night, the energy wasn’t there.” Murray said. Haider was clearly disappointed with his team’s loss and said, “the Aces struggled.”