West Volleyball vs. Service

Charles Hill Lamb, Reporter

Tuesday night the Eagles varsity volleyball team was fighting the South Wolverines for the Cook Inlet Conference title. West was in 2nd going into the match and south was 1st in conference. Both teams wanted to get the title before going into state.

The conference winners are supposedly the favored team to win state, which allows them to go into state with a lot of momentum. The Eagles have been working super hard all season and striving for a state title. The wolverines have always been a favorite in volleyball, but this won’t stop the Lady Eagles from giving it their all for that state title.

Temple Vice, one of our seniors on the volleyball team said, “State is definitely in sight for us this year,” before going into the match. Vice also stated before the game “This game will definitely be one of our toughest games and we need to work hard if we want to win.”

The Eagles went into the South game with some confidence, but a thought in the back of their heads telling them how they lost last time. Rosie Rush a junior at West who has been on the Eagles varsity volleyball team since freshman year stated, “The team is very excited going into the game, but also a lot of us are nervous.”

Rush has been on the team the past four years when they’ve played South. She has seen what South is capable of but also knows what her teammates can do if they work together and communicate throughout the whole game. Rush also said before the game “West is playing ok against ok teams,” West is a consistent team as well as South, and both want the momentum of being the CIC champion going into state.

The Lady Eagles started the game off strong and were constantly focused and aggressive the whole game. They played very hard and almost won two of the three matches. The points were close the whole game, and it was a very high scoring game. Unfortunately South came out with “W” after winning all three sets.

This makes South number one in CIC and West number two. Both teams are going to state, and may see each other playing again in state. Many of the West girls are thirsty for victory going into state so they may be 2nd in CIC right now but that won’t stop their strive for success at state.

Sean Duffy, current varsity starting quarterback and a consistent spectator at our Lady Eagle events, was a spectator at the event and said, “It was an intense and high scoring game, both teams really went at it, both one and two seed.” The Eagles definitely won’t let South get into their heads and distract them from their season long goal, winning the state title.