Hockey Tryouts

Ayuel Dak, Reporter

West High hockey tryouts took place October 14th.The first two days of tryouts are just cheer, and the 16th is the actual hockey tryouts. When hockey starts embrace yourself for some rough how playing on the ice.

Isaiah Saville is a hockey and baseball player here at West. Being a freshman, Saville is trying out for the hockey team as a goalkeeper and has to keep his grades up, “Being a student athlete is very tough trying to get your homework.”

Saville maintains a 3.6 GPA, and the required GPA to participate in any sports is a 2.0 or higher. To Isaiah school is a priority in order for him to successful in the future as a professional athlete or physical therapist. Even though Saville gets interrupted by his phone when he’s doing homework, he manages to overcome the temptation to go on it.

The sport manager Brooke Badura is starting her first day as a sports manager on the day of tryouts. Brooke started out as a cheerleader for the hockey team and is now managing the varsity hockey team. It was very easy for Brooke to get the managing position, ”I ask Coach Shasby if we could manage the team and he said “yes” so we signed up.”

Brooke does not know the schedule yet, but she will receive the info from the coaches soon. Knowing most of the hockey players, Brooke is no stranger to the varsity squad. Brooke is enjoying the management position because gets to travel with the team and you get to be there and that’s her favorite part. Brooke played flag football last year and was looking forward to playing again this year, but unfortunately she did not.

Kelsey Romig is the JV hockey coach. With all his experience as a hockey player, Coach Romig has a lot of things to teach not only the JV players but also all players. This is Romig’s third year coaching has had players who could not make grades, but no one ever got kick off the team because of grades because they get their act right before the first game.

Romig says, “Players should be able to make grades, I don’t have a lot of sympathy for players who cannot make grades.” Romig may not have sympathy for players who cannot make grades, but he does enjoy coaching and working with young guys to bring out passion for the game.

Romig likes the fact that the team is improving and more players are trying out. His favorite thing about hockey is that, “It’s a sport that you could take with you the rest of your life.”