Dave and Busters

Regan Rheaume, Reporter

10:51 AM: Employees are filtering in with their uniforms on. Black shirt, black slacks, and colorful name tags seem to be the norm.

10:56 AM: People are filtering in and knocking on the doors. The dark, closed off movie theater has colorful lights flickering outside its entrance.

11:00 AM: An employee opens the door to greet people and welcome them in. Finally, the small crowd begins to eagerly yet calmy move inside.

Once inside, a leftset lobby staffed with three young employees greets customers and helps them make their purchases. Customers may recharge Power Cards they have previously bought, or buy new cards. Customers then travel to the right and down a black carpeted hallway that leads past a nonalcoholic eating area and a billiards room to the main room. This large space is dimly lit. Lights from the restaurant areas, prize room, and 175 total games help make the area just bright enough to navigate.

To the left of the entrance hallway are most of the games and the prize room, while the dining areas, party rooms, and restrooms are to the right. The games to the front and left are loud and bright, and near impossible for a newcomer to count. There are all sorts of games from skeeball to flappy bird and Tomb Raider, as well as giant versions of Pacman and Space Invaders. The general manager of Anchorage’s Dave and Busters’ Oso Adams says that in the business, games are classified as simulator v.s. redemption. A simulator game, ”is a game that you’re playing for the time to play the game. You’re not winning a toy or a ticket or candy.” On the other hand, redemption games are played for an additional reward.

The menu at Dave and Buster’s is classified as “American Gourmet.” This sort of food includes burgers, steaks, salads, and pastas. At Dave and Busters the menu covers all these items and more, including chicken and turkey sandwiches, New York Strips, sirloins, and lobster alfredo pastas. Adams says, “One of my favorites we have…the chili chicken wrap, so it’s a lettuce wrap with the chicken, the sauce, the tomatoes, and a little bit of cheese.”

The employees are friendly and laid back, whether they are stationed at the hostess stations or walking around checking up on the customers. Occasionally they stop to play games with customers, such as Mario Kart, which requires at least two players. The employees at the prize counter are friendly and knowledgeable about the available rewards ranging from an iPad Pro to Chinese finger traps.

Dave and Busters’ biggest draw is that everything is under one roof. There’s food, games, alcohol (for adults), and parties.