New Locker Room Policy


The boys locker room at West will be under stricter rules to prevent theft.

Shanai Leon, Reporter

Department head of Physical Education, Rob Larkey, recently passed a new policy in the boys and girls locker room, in order to stop thieving. Rob Larkey, 51, graduated with the class ’82 at West. He teaches lifetime personal fitness and racquet sports. “Coffee and high energy son, coming here and making difference in kids lives” is what gets Larkey through his day here at West.

Larkey recently stated the new policy is to prevent theft and create accountability for kids. Theft is always a big deal in the boys and girls locker rooms because kids always leave their lockers open, says Larkey.

Thievery is a major issue every year at West high and the staff is trying to do everything in their power to stop it. The policy consists of being in the locker room for five minutes after the bell rings.

Students also cannot be in the locker room without a teacher’s supervision, and students cannot bring their bags into the locker room to avoid the act of other students stealing.

Another supporter of the policy is Larkey’s good friend Herman Travis Cantrell. Cantrell, 65, is a gym teacher here at West High and is in the top 5% of teachers to teach here the longest. “This is a problem every year here at West so now that Larkey is enforcing it is a big deal declared” Cantrell. Cantrell has known Larkey for three years out of the 26 years he has been working at West. “I think Larkey is doing his best to stop thievery, as the head of department,” declared Cantrell.

Cantrell teaches LPF, basketball, and advance weight training for upper classmen. Knowing West is a becoming a better place, makes him more comfortable to teach and call his home says Cantrell.

One of the reason why Larkey actually enforced it on hard conditions is because more than one student reported to him. One of the students was 17- year- old Trey Smith. Trey is a senior here at West who participates in basketball during his 3rd period gym class. “They stole my shoes and my hoodie,” said Trey.

Trey came back to his locker after class and the locker was halfway open with some his belongings gone. “This is the first time this ever happened to me, to be honest I was kind of pissed,” declared Trey. He reported to Larkey immediately and Larkey said he was going to handle it.

Apparently this policy is supposed to be going on until Larkey retires to keep kids from thieving and becoming accountable. Larkey loves West High and would like to see it improve and prosper.