King Career Center

Roman Hamm, Reporter


King Career Center, otherwise known as KCC, is a school focused on hands on learning, professionalism, giving students the opportunity to explore career options, and teaching students the necessary skills to a successful career. Every teacher at KCC is dedicated to teaching students what’s necessary to succeed in their class.

Because KCC has a more hands on approach, depending on which class you select you won’t even have touch a pencil or a sheet of paper. Classes like welding, carpentry, collision repair and refinishing, and cosmetology are some of the many examples of the hands on classes.

Most classes at KCC have both morning and afternoon times. Morning classes start at 8:00 giving you some extra snooze time and end at 10:25. Afternoon classes start at 11:15 and end at 1:20, giving you plenty of class time and letting you leave earlier than students not attending.

KCC accepts all students in the ASD and students from Chugiak High School. Josh Wallace, an 11th grader at West High, is currently taking Fire & Rescue Services. In this class students learn what to do in many different emergency situations. “Pretty much the whole time you’re there you learn something new,” said Wallace. Wallace said this class is for students who want to maybe become firefighters.

Maribel Santos, another West High student, took business technology and web design. “ In this class I learned how to use lots of different software programs designed for office use, and I made a resume.” In that class you are also introduced on how to act in a professional office scenario, and a businesslike manner. Students taking this class will also earn a certification as a Microsoft Office specialist, which will greatly improve chances for getting that office job.

Triston Veltkamp, another West High student, is taking construction electricity at KCC. “I hope to be accepted into the IBEW apprenticeship program”. Students learn how to correctly and safely install electrical units, and learn the basics of complex installation methods.

KCC is a great tool for all students and gives you important knowledge on a subject you would not be taught at a public school. Because of their stress of professionalism they somewhat prepare students on what a real employer would expect out of you. If you have any interest in KCC you may talk to your counselor about enrolling.