West Volleyball vs. Service

Alex Sutton, Reporter

On Friday the 4th of September the undefeated West High Varsity volleyball girls beat Service High School in a three-period game.

The first two games were close, with West winning by five and then by seven. The third period Service scored a total of five and West won with 25.

Senior Alyssa Albright has been varsity for the last two years and has been playing volleyball since she was 12 years old. Alyssa plays all positions but her favorite is front row outside. Albright is an excellent spiker. “I need to work on not getting upset when we are down in points,” she said. “We always pull through but I have to stay positive.”

Temple Vice, senior, has been playing volleyball for all of her four years at West and six years total. “Back row rigger is my favorite position,” Temple says. Her season has been going very well. She thinks the team needs to work on, ” Talking, calling the ball and having good communication.” Vice is good at serving and said she needs to focus on taking her time with it.

Maya Kedem is one of the students and family members who support the Lady Eagles at every game. She is from time to time a scorekeeper, so she usually gets in for free. “I like watching the games,” she said. She believes the bigger the crowd the better the girls play. “More people help the team, definitely.”