Learning the Brain

Ruta Faitele, Reporter

In the West Medical Academy there has been a tremendous rise of students being involved in order to pursue their careers in the medical field. The Medical Academy is a group of intelligent students coming together to use their knowledge to save the lives of others.

Scholars from UAA or physicians from clinics have been imparting knowledge to students of the West on how being in the medical field is great. West teachers such as Kristen Davis, Katrina Quinn, and Evelyne Tunley put great effort into forming this academy and many great students are now turning their heads to this academy as a way to get a head start in the medical field.

“I love learning through the hands-on experience because it makes me learn step by step how to save a life,” Dan Lee says. Lee, a scholar at West and a student at King Career Center (KCC), is a proud senior in the Medical Academy who is grateful to learn more. Lee applied because he wanted to try something new for his career and he wanted to learn new skills. Knowing that the West Medical was one of his options, he was glad because now he has found his passion.

Quinn, in her second year teaching at West,  was very excited to teach this in academy. Being at West is a great new beginning for her because she loves seeing how many students are being enrolled into this academy, and seeing students learning skills that they can use in real life. “I love speaking in the medical terms because then we are all speaking in a universal language,” said Quinn.

Principal Sven Gustafson was very pleased with how West is becoming more involved in many great clubs. “Knowing that the Medical Academy has been improving showed me great knowledge of how students are being committed to this academy,” said Gustafson.

Gustafson is the new head principal who acknowledges the students and is hoping that one day students will grow and develop in the medical field and learn more about the skills that can help them achieve their future goals.

Visit the Medical Academy on the second floor of the CTE Wing.