Pink Floyd Laser Show

Gunnar Flotre, Reporter

Recently the Anchorage Museum has been having Pink Floyd laser shows in their planetarium. They recently played the Dark Side of the Moon album in conjunction with the motion picture.  A few people know about the shows because there is minimal advertising done for the laser knows.  The shows in the planetarium are a 180-degree view, with reclining chairs to facilitate the viewing of the show. On March 25th the Museum played the original Dark Side of the Moon movie with the soundtrack.

Viewer Andrew Campbell, a fan of Pink Floyd, overall enjoyed the show.  On the topic of improvements Campbell said “The hardware could be upgraded so that the quality of the images could be more in HD quality, because right now if feels like watching an older tube TV when I should be watching a 80 inch, 1080p or even 4K TV.”  On the subject of seating, Campbell spoke on his distaste on the seating; he believes that the front row seats had to crane their neck upward in order to see the show.  Campbell believes the orientation of the seats was very poorly designed.  Campbell believes that the cost of the show was quite reasonable and something he definitely would go to again.

Johnny Frulong thought the show was good. “I was overall pleased with the eyes were able to feel like you were actually in motion,” said Frulong.  The show made him feel relaxed and the technical designs made him think of technology.   One problem he had with the show is one of the songs was repetitious and “The graphics weren’t as current as he thought they would be.”  Frulong openly admitted to not being fan of Pink Floyd but felt pressured to speak good about the show and band because some of the people he went with seemed to be fans for the shows.  Frulong wishes to see shows of oceans, space and cosmic exploration.  Frulong would like to see them do concert videos in the planetarium; he highlighted the concert festival, Red Rocks in Boulder, Colorado.  Frulong liked the admission price because it was inexpensive and in his opinion well worth it.

A passing by attendee claimed that the show was great because it was the original version written in the 70’s and that the show is a relic and piece of art.

Kacy Grundhauser, an employee of the museum, enjoys the show and since beginning on working on it she has become a fan of Pink Floyd.  In the beginning she really didn’t know about the band and has now grown fond of them.  Grundhauser says the museum does not only do Dark Side of the Moon but as well as The Wall, Wish You Were Here, some Led Zeppelin hits and some science based shows.  On the topic of improvements, Grundhauser said “some of the shows are a little old but the system itself is fairly new, we got it in January.”