Fur Rondy Melodrama Review


Crepe Suzette [Stacy Miller, right] during the first scene of the Fur Rondy Melodrama, along with several other cast members on stage.

Parker Roy, Reporter

This year is the 26th annual Fur Rendezvous Melodrama is being held at the Snow Goose Theatre. Showings are from Feb. 26 – March 12. This year’s performance is “Pirates vs. Gold Miners: The Realest Alaska Reality Show” it is a show about an Alaskan town called Fool’s Gold that is invaded by Pirates. The Miners and Pirates must battle in this interactive musical comedy.

Rees Miller, a science teacher at West Anchorage High School, attended the Fur Rondy Melodrama for the second year in a row. He enjoys the universal characters, “Nothing is subtle in melodrama, it’s all over the top… it’s predictable but entertaining at the same time,” says Mr. Miller. It is a very family friendly show that kids love because it is interactive and loud, “ My kids love it because it’s the only play they are allowed to be noisy,” said Mr. Miller.

This year’s melodrama is different than others because the story is normally good vs. evil and this one has both heroes and villains on both teams. “Pirates vs. Gold Miners: The Realest Alaska Reality Show,” is not like most melodramas for that reasons and pushes the boundaries of what it should be. Miller would rate this years show a four out of five stars and recommends the show to all.

The Fur Rondy Melodrama is, “big, loud, funny and musically satisfying,” said Mr. Miller.

It is a show where the audience really gets to be involved and they have a chance to be loud and can throw popcorn at the villain. It really is a show the whole family will enjoy.

Tabitha Wheeler a Sophomore at West High School, has attended the show for the past three years and looks forward to going every Fur Rondy with her sister. Wheeler first learned of the melodrama because her mother was singing with the chorus for the show. The Fur Rondy melodrama has become a family tradition for the Wheeler family over the past few years. “ It is my favorite part of Fur Rondy… me and my sister always throw all of our popcorn at each other, it’s fun every year,” said Wheeler.

The melodrama this year was very interactive and fun for the whole family. Between the pirates and the gold miners, everyone had a team to choose. There were the handsome heroes (Scott Kober as “Rocky Roades” and Dean Brady as “Cecil Osgoode”) and evil villains (Stephen Thorpe as “Mudflat Mort” and Dennis Sullivan as “Captain Horrible Harry Hooligan”) for both teams. “ I love how every year is so different and always have a great new plot,” said Wheeler.

Stacy Miller performed in “Pirates vs. Gold Miners: The Realest Alaska Reality Show” and did an outstanding job as Crepe Suzette, along with the rest of the cast. All of the actors brought life to their characters in this fun filled performance.

Crepe Suzette [Stacy Miller] is a French stowaway aboard the pirate ship, “Which is why I’m never too excited for the pirate team,” said Stacy Miller. Her character is constantly misunderstood because of her French accent that no one seems to be able to understand.

The whole show was interactive and engaging, all the way down to intermission when member of the cast and choir led the audience in the YMCA. It was a fun filled show for the whole family to really enjoy. Start to finish the audience seemed to love every minute of this year’s Fur Rondy Melodrama.

March 5, 2016 Crepe Suzette [Stacy Miller] on the right during the first scene of the Fur Rondy Melodrama.
March 5, 2016 Crepe Suzette [Stacy Miller] on the right during the first scene of the Fur Rondy Melodrama.