“The Center” at Faith Christian Community Church

Mikeylie Guzman, Reporter

Faith Christian Community is a church with a purpose of helping people to know and love God. They are also known for the history they have of giving and helping those in need. As a gift to the Anchorage community, The Center is going to be a place where you can go have fun and enjoy the day with your love ones but at the same time, build a relationship with God.

This facility is not just going to offer activities for kids, but for adults as well. It offers worship services, athletic events, youth group activities, and so much more. “This facility will provide a safe, Christian environment for families but at the same time spread the gospel of Christ,” says Jose Mota.

Jose works in the outreach department and Spanish translation at Faith Christian Community. He has also been a member of the church for almost two years and prays that this big project is done on time.

The Center will be a place to play, worship, learn, and a place that will be open to anyone who wants to attend and get together with friends and families. Ethan Gatlin is a 14-year-old freshman at Dimond High School and is also a member of Faith Christian Community.

Not many people at his school know about the The Center, but he believes that it is a good investment for the youth to build a strong or a stronger relationship with God because of youth group and athletic activities that will be offered. “Athletics in Jesus,” he said. As a youth, he sees himself involved at The Center once it is fully developed.

The Center is not just a community center; it is also a community outreach that will offer various types of programs like cooking classes, childcare, band events, youth groups, large gatherings, fitness classes and more. “It’s kind of like a church in disguised,” says Jason Alexander, the technical arts director at Faith Christian Community.

He has been a member of the church for three years and is involved in tech meetings for The Center. He prays that the community will see The Center in the same light the church is wanting to provide it in and that it will fill and provide needs that are in the community that are not being fulfilled by other venues.

The Center site is located in the center of town, on the east side of Arctic Boulevard between Tudor and International Airport road at 500 Arctic Boulevard. Construction has already begun and it is designed to be 25,000-square-foot on 16.5 acres the church owns.

This facility will have a commercial kitchen, children’s area, stage area, six outdoor playing fields, a multipurpose room with two basketball courts, and also a rock-climbing wall. On Sundays, the multipurpose room will be used for religious services.

Faith Christian Community is spending heavily on this foundational work so that the place will go on forever. The Center also carries the elements that the church is all about, and that is serving others.