Behind the Scenes: Fine Arts Assembly


Shella Elgarico, Reporter

West has always taken pride in the competence, commitment, and passion that students exert into the Fine Arts Program, proven by the many awards and glistening trophies displayed around the school.

As a showcase of sorts, all of the arts were invited to exhibit their hard work for the student body on January 24, at the Fine Arts Assembly, including DanceWest, jazz band, orchestra, theater, and mixed choir.

Many students often see the rehearsed and perfected pieces in the form of a performance, but the realities of the behind-the-scenes preparation can prove to be stressful for the performers. “I’m so excited for the chaos,” says Anthony Capala, a West junior who participates in three fine arts programs: choir; theater; and dance.

When asked about his thoughts regarding the collective recognition of the Fine Arts Program, Capala claims that not all students will appreciate the purpose of the assembly. He does, however, hope that someone in the audience will be changed and think, “Yeah, I want to do that too. I want to be up there and do the same [thing],” Capala says.

Natalia Gavarrette, a junior in DanceWest program, expressed similar thoughts as she describes her concerns toward the criticism that the Fine Arts Program might receive during and after the assembly. “Most students are excited about sports more than they are about fine arts, and I feel like they should realize that it still means something,” she says.

Gavarrette has choreographed a few pieces for DanceWest and is always envisioning new ideas in the hopes of leaving the audience awed. She wants students to engage more in the arts because she believes it creates a sense of family among the students who share the same passion, as well as those who try it out for the first time.

Gavarrete was certainly not the only one to hold this sentiment. Audrey Hunt, another student who performed a sneak peek of the upcoming musical, “Tarzan”, has nurtured a profound love of dancing and singing ever since she was a kid.

Hunt hopes to inspire others to take up some form of art that best resonates within them, and wants people to know that you can truly feel the impact of the arts when you’re performing. “You really are touched by the art you’re doing, and I feel like some people don’t realize that,” she said.

Rebecca Haag directs the band.