Choir Cleans up in Cali Competition


Paola Gomez Garcia, Reporter

The West Choir program traveled to the WorldStrides Anaheim Heritage Festival in April and earned a total of eight trophies and plaques in the Men’s,  Treble, and Concert Choir categories.

The choir program is led by Gabrielle Wibbenmeyer, who took over in 2016. Wibbenmeyer has always been passionate about music. “I was inspired to become a music teacher because first, I couldn’t imagine doing anything in my life except music.  And also, I wanted public schools to have the same kind of music experience as my evening paid professional choir was, because they deserve it too,” said Wibbenmeyer.

The choir program consists of Mixed Choir (learning students), Treble Choir (advanced women only) and Concert Choir (advanced women and men).  Although there are three different choirs, Wibbenmeyer combines her classes for concerts and competetions, such as the one in California.

Eunice Dulalia, sophomore, says choir may be a lot of work, but it pays off. “It’s like a family. It’s really exciting. We have intense rehearsals, but when we finally nail a performance, it’s quite an accomplishment.” Dulalia was in Mixed Choir her freshman year and auditioned to be in the more advanced class (Treble Choir) this year. She plans on staying in choir for the duration of her high school career, and possibly in college.

Kassidy Ellingworth, a senior in Concert Choir, comments on the preparation and rehearsals that took to win the eight trophies. “We’ve prepared for months, including class rehearsals and after school, which would last two to three hours. It took a lot of work and self motivation to go to practice especially during the weekend. I’m glad all our hard work paid off!”

The trip to Anaheim,CA lasted five days with nearly 70 West High students from advanced choir attending.  The students spent their days exploring Universal Studios, Disney Land and having fun in the sun, but once it came to the big competition where many schools came together to compete,  West focused and maintained their dedication, which certainly paid off.