The Mind of An Artist

Clarice James, Reporter

There are plenty of creative students at West High in Anchorage, and some of those students are brave enough to put those creative feelings onto paper or a canvas. You can easily find some of these creative students in rooms 25 and 27, and see what they can do for yourself.

On the 30th of March, Austin Edgar, freshman and art student, gives out his little secret on why he became an artist. “I started doing art about four or five years ago,” says Edgar. Edgar continued, “I get my inspiration from most of my friends because they’re all artistic and really amazing. Sometimes it can be cutesy or, sometimes it can be creepy.” Edgar has a creative mind; whether it’s just drawing cute animals or creating new creatures from the top of his head, he loves to make art for people to see.

Edgar has been doing art for years, there is another student who’s still learning how to become an artist. Dylan Anderson, senior, gives us information on what he knows about art so far, and what he’s learned. “Art can be interpreted by different people,” says Anderson. “I like art on its own because it’s a creative way to express yourself,” Anderson continued. Anderson is a creative artist who likes to paint and draw just for the fun of it.

“I would paint a portrait of myself being happy because that would be something worth to see,” chuckled Anderson. Anderson also mentioned that he is only a beginner artist and is still new to different methods of painting and drawing. “I make some high quality stick figures,” Anderson said jokingly. Anderson says that his biggest art interest at the moment is abstract art. Though Anderson isn’t a big fan of art himself, he seems to show a lot of interest in art that other people make.

Most of these art students can be found in two classrooms, 25 and 27 during lunch painting or drawing. Wednesdays in room 25, Mr. Stewart’s classroom, is an art club, where kids can be found doing pottery, drawing, painting etc. Though not all kids who go in there work on pieces of art, but rather to lounge around, sometimes complimenting other students pieces or the creativity that lies upon the decorative walls. It is a friendly environment when it comes to artistic creativity.

Art is something that can affect the public without people even realizing it, confusing people with how something is created or interpreted. Creativity is a mysterious entity, and some artists are still unsure of how they get their creativity. Many public places are dependent on art for selling purposes, or just for a more welcoming environment to the people. Creativity is important to people and their surroundings. Whether it be inspiration or just because, each and every person has a unique artistic ability.