Artistic Drift Dance


Artistic Drift gives the the fans what they want on Sunday, February 19.

With tons of talent coming up to perform, Artistic Drift is one of the few competitors competing for first place. About 30 plus teams competing for 1st place, Artistic Drift fights to win every dance. With different categories during the competition, Artistic Drift is ready to give the fans and judges what they came there to watch. With multiple different genres and choreography, Artistic Drift is ready to dance and give the fans something they will be talking about after the show.

One of the owners of Artistic Drift, Christian Cadavos, 20, has been a member of the crew since day one. He explains how hard they have been practicing for this big event. “We have been practicing for about four months now, and I think we are ready for this event,” he said. “We meet up 3-4 times a week and we practice for about 3 to 4 hours.”

Practice is held in the Northway Mall. With lots of practice and choreography they think using all of their dances can help them win. Cadavos is confident that they could win 1st in every dance off because of all the hard work they put in. As of now, they have to focus on the big event and get their heads straight because they know this is a must win for all of them.

A member of Artistic Drift, Robyn Minor, 20, has been preparing for this big event for about four months now. “We have been working really hard on this and coming up with nice choreography,” said Minor. They have been coming up with different types of choreography for different types of genres. “We try to mix up our dance to make us look unique and also have better choreography,” said Minor. Minor thinks that meeting up every three to four times a day helped her and the crew get better at dancing. Not only that, but also even gets closer with the crew. Minor cannot wait for the big dance to show everyone what they have. As of now, they are focused on this big event because this is very special to them.

With the performance coming to an end, Artistic Drift won multiple awards, taking 1st in 18 and older hip-hop dance off, 1st on a single swings, 2nd in 2-on-2 dance off and 2nd place for adult crew dance off. Sweating hard, they celebrate in joy of what they have accomplished. All the hard work they put in all paid off. Artistic Drift is very proud on what they have won and continue to celebrate. They receive trophies and medals of their achievement during the performance. They go on to Mooses’s Tooth to celebrate their winnings. Artistic Drift expects to compete in more competitions in the near future. As of now, it’s back in the studio and getting things done. Artistic Drift is looking for a brighter future.