Fist Fight Movie Premiere

(WARNING: Spoiler Alert!)

Regal Tikahtnu Stadium where the Fist Fight movie premiere was shown.

Fist Fight is a comedy about two teachers who get into a disagreement and plan to fight to end their conflict and help a cause. “I personally loved the movie, it was hilarious,” said Joaquin Monterrosa who was at the movie’s premiere. It has plenty of action, raunchy humor, well-known actors, and an eventful storyline.

The two main characters are Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) and Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube). Day plays a cowardly teacher that is too afraid to face his problems and fight Strickland.

He ends up getting Strickland in trouble and ultimately fired and this infuriates and provokes Mr. Strickland into believing he has to fight Andy Campbell. Ice Cube plays a mean, angry, and strict teacher that is fed up with the shenanigans and pranks at his school. “Ice Cube was definitely by far my favorite actor because of how tough he acts,” said Robert Kinney. Cube is having a bad day and his anger builds up until he eventually bursts and breaks a student’s desk with a fire axe.

The school that these two teachers work at is losing money and is having to make an abundance of firings because it’s the last day of the school year. This makes it easy for the principle of the school to convince Campbell to tell on Strickland and fire him for what he did because he threatens to fire Campbell when Campbell needs that teaching job for pregnant wife and ten year old daughter. This is where the scary stories and taunting of Andy Campbell begins from students, fellow teachers, and Strickland himself.

Since Campbell is already considered a coward from his wife and daughter, this certain situation with Strickland brings out the worst in Campbell. He ends up spending the whole day crying, whining, hiding, and trying to totally avoid the fight. The fight eventually trends on social networks and a movement begins to stop all high school student fights with this “teacher fight.” Campbell tries everything to avoid the fight including getting Strickland’s job back, but nothing seems to work for him. By the end of the movie Campbell ends up having to man up and fight Strickland. The fight goes back and forth until Campbell eventually thinks he wins the fight and Strickland knocks him out while he’s not looking. Both of the teachers get fired for the fight.

The fight changes Campbell’s attitude about life and he is no longer a cowardly little man. The fight is eventually an Internet sensation and is considered a great example to the school district so they give the two teachers their jobs back. People at the school now look up to these two teachers, especially Andy Campbell. The moral of the story is to never back down and face your problems without running away from them. Noah Christy said, “I thought the movie was a little silly at first but I found out that it had some deeper meanings,” about the whole lesson in the movie.