Peter And The Starcatcher

Desirae Romero, Reporter

Peter and the Starcatcher is a show directed by Teresa K. Pond, originally a novel by Dave Berry. Rick Elice had made it into a play. It played September 30 – October 16 having one showing a night. The play happened at Perseverance Theatre. The play is about how Peter Pan came to be, along with help from Molly the starcatcher.

Molly and her father board two different boats to save the treasure but little does Molly and her father know is that her father’s boat is over run with pirates. It is then up to Molly and the three lost boys to save the treasure and her father. The show was hilarious and had the audience feeling all kind of emotions.

All of the characters had unique personalities and all of the cast play more than one character each. James Sullivan played a pirate and Mrs.Bumbrake, “I’m out there being a woman with a beard it was crazy,” Sullivan said.  Mrs.Bumbrake was the quirky, and hilarious nanny of Molly. Sullivan had been acting since high school. “It’s a wonderful silly story, but it has a big heart in it…” said Sullivan. Sullivan is actually a staff member at Perseverance Theater who has also played in A Christmas Carol, In the Next Room, and God of Carnage.

Theo Houck plays as Ted which is a lost boy, and Peter Pan’s brother. He was in his first play when he was eight years old, and it was a community theater production. “This role was really fun because, he just spends the entire show complaining he doesn’t have any food, or being really excited about having food..” said Houck. Houck explains how the director allowed the cast to be able to say ideas and actually have them incorporated into the show. Houck is only a junior in high school and does not know if he will want a career in acting. Houck has been in a few high school plays, plays with Perseverance Young Company program, and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

The cast was amazing and it kept the crowd entertained all the way to the end, the costumes were great, if you ever have the chance to see the play you definitely should go and experience it for yourself. Teresa the director did a great job as well and she works with the Cyrano’s Theatre.