Aleks AndonoV, Reporter

Dance West is known to be one of the most exciting programs to be watched in Anchorage. Showing lots of creativity, DanceWest always knows how to put on a show. They pack the West auditorium each performance and give the fans what they want.

DanceWest student Erica Ruston, 18, has been dancing ever since she was in kindergarten. She spent most of her life in Miami, Florida, until her Junior year when she moved to Anchorage, Alaska with her Dad and began attending West Anchorage High School, is when she joined DanceWest. Ruston loves West “Such a fun caring school” she said. Ruston says the best thing about DanceWest is the great overall atmosphere. Her favorite type of dance is modern and hip-hop because she has been doing it for many years now. Ruston hopes to finish her senior year in DanceWest with a great performance ending.

Another DanceWest student by the name of Joelle Sasis, 17, has been dancing since the 7th grade. Sasis has been in DanceWest for four years now and has learned a lot about dancing so far. Her favorite type of dance is hip-hop because it always brings the energy out of her. What she loves about DanceWest the most is the nice environment they have and how everyone gets treated like family. “It feels like I’m home every time I come to dance class” said Sasis. Sasis said to expect new things this year for DanceWest as they will be showing new dance moves and choreography.

DanceWest teacher Lori Bradford, 59, has been dancing ever since she was three years old. Bradford has been teaching at West for a very long time now. This will also be her last year teaching as she will be retiring. Bradford’s favorite thing about DanceWest is the people and students she works with and teaches. Bradford said the most challenging performance she has ever had to do was the Nutcracker. “I had to come up with all the choreography and design all of the outfits myself, no one helped me but myself,” said Bradford. Doing the Nutcracker was so challenging that it made Bradford very stressed, causing her to get breast cancer the following year. Bradford expects us to know that DanceWest will be coming up with new choreography and also customs this upcoming performance called “Ebenezer.”

Learning a lot about DanceWest shows how hard they work on each performance. It’s crazy to see how DanceWest students put so much effort in each dance. Also, seeing how Bradford works hard for many years trying to perfect dances and customs. Showing great effort towards each dance performance. This is why DanceWest is known to be one of the most exciting programs to be watched in Anchorage, Alaska.