Nestle Toll House Cafe


Nestle’s cookie display

Maya Saelee, Reporter

 What’s the first thing you smell when you walk into the Nestlé Toll House Café? Cookies. The sweet aroma of cookies and coffee will surround you, engulfing you in a welcoming warmth. The bright yellow walls and big glass cookie displays will be enough to overwhelm you with excitement and awaken your hunger.

We all know of the Nestlé brand for its chocolate and cookies, but very few know of the cafe. Having just opened in early November, the business is located at 901 E. Dimond Boulevard. It is a franchise like no other, and is the first of its kind in the state. Not only does the Nestlé Café serve cookies, but they also offer a wide array of sweet and savory foods.

With many options to choose from, there are a variety of meals, desserts, and drinks that are bound to satisfy your cravings. If you’re feeling hungry, start with a sandwich or a crêpe. Then follow up with a dessert or three. The prices are pretty reasonable, with menu items at $10 or less. The cafe is nicely set up, with plenty of tables and chairs in the center, and additional leather seating off to the side. On one end of the wall are the frozen yogurt dispensers, followed by the glass-shielded counters with toppings on display. Behind the counter is the extensive menu that lists each item under different categories.

With the plethora of foods to try, you are sure to want to come back. West High School senior Noelani Luevano was oddly surprised upon arriving at the Nestlé Toll House Cafe, expecting it to be just a bakery. “I did not think that there would be regular food here,” says Luevano. She ordered a strawberry banana smoothie and a Nutella-banana crêpe, called the “Nunana”.  She was kind of disappointed. “It’s okay… I feel like we could’ve made it better at home. But the smoothie was good.”

Macy Cruz, another West High senior, also stopped by the Nestlé Cafe with Luevano. She ordered the Chicken Fajita Quesadilla, “I liked everything about it, it was really tasty.” (I agree.) After trying Luevano’s crepe, Cruz determined that the quesadilla is her favorite item on the menu so far. “I’m already planning on coming back here with a bigger group of friends,” Cruz says, satisfied with her experience. When asked to rate the Nestlé Toll House Café, both Cruz and Luevano gave a rating of four and a half out of five.

Another pleased customer is Dimond High student Martin Andonov. Although he’s only tried their caramel macchiato, he would like to be able to come back for another visit.  “I’m a big fan of sugar cookies, and I really wanted one, but I didn’t get to try it,” says Andonov. He rated his overall experience a four out of five. “It kind of felt a little like home to me,” he says of the restaurant’s atmosphere, “Very Eastern European; I really liked it.”