#DamnDaniel! Back At It Again With Them White Vans

Melhan Navarro, Reporter

#DamnDaniel is the latest new trend on the Internet. It started off with two young high school boys at Polytechnic High School located at Long Beach, California, just messing around. The sophomore who filmed the video was Josh Holz, 15-year-old, who randomly walked up to freshman Daniel Lara, 14 year old, after school. Walking up towards Lara, Holz then began to record him using an app called Snapchat and saying “Damn Daniel” repeatedly due to his appearance and nice shoes. Holz then posted this video calling it “Damn Daniel,” becoming a daily thing between these two high school students, after school at the pool deck. Adding on to this trend Holz says, “Damn Daniel, back at it again with them white Vans.” which brings up why Lara was known for.

A few days after being posted and their popularity rising, both the high school boys were featured on a show known by many and the hosted by, Ellen Degeneres, “The Ellen Show.” Both boys were featured as special guests, February 24, 2016. Ellen, Lara, and Holz all talk about how this video came to be so popular and how it all began. One of the topics was about his white Vans. Due to the white Vans that Lara has worn in the videos, people have been selling white vans being priced much as $3,000.00 on EBay saying that they belonged to Daniel Lara. Before the segment was over Ellen gifts, Holz being gifted a especially made surfboard that says “DAMN DANIEL! I was on Ellen” and Daniel Lara was given a lifetime supply of vans from the Vans Company.

Leslie Evangelista a west senior was then interviewed about “Damn Daniel”. Evangelista has seen the video and says it became viral because it’s some cute young guy. She thinks it’s just another weird and annoying trend that is going to last only a few weeks. She found out that Lara received a lifetime supply of Van shoes. “Lucky! I want a lifetime supplies of shoes,” she said. She thinks that Vans the shoe company is going to use it as advertisement.

        Windelyn Shane Rosario also has seen the viral Internet video called “Damn Daniel.” She “It gets annoying really fast because everyone says it over and over, so it becomes irritating,” she said. Rosario’s thoughts on the remix videos created by others “is not cool”. There are people out there who turned the Damn Daniel saying into remix song, using short clips of it.

        Peter Gamet, has not seen or heard this video before. He thinks the video is expressing his appearance and how he is styled. “Videos are not over posted but shared because they are found entertaining or funny,” he said. He does not find these trends entertaining to him but to the younger generation.