Bosco’s Comic Shop

Madai Z. Soto, Reporter

Bosco’s is one of the best comic book store in the geek culture in Anchorage, Alaska. This shop has been around for many years. Many people go there for their manga/comic books, video games, and different types of cards. Also they have held events and give out awards for art contest.

        Eric Helmick has been working for Bosco’s for almost 23 years as a manager. Helmick that been the one who planned and held events at Bosco’s, such as Free Comic Book Day, Pokémon and Card Tournaments, etc. The most popular event is Free Comic Book Day because he said; “Free Comic Book Day is probably the bigger ones that happens in the store. People are encouraged to dress up and they come in. Publishers give out books for free. People wait in line outside before the store opens.”

        Brannon Barker and Seth Drones are both best friends and customers of their favorite store, Bosco’s. Both of these gentlemen love Marvel Comics and some of Bosco’s real blades such as swords, daggers, etc. and also Magic: The Gathering Cards. Though only Drones plays for the tournament.

        Barker only passion is anime and real swords. His favorite sword is Carbon Steel Blades, “It’s all about blades.” he commented. A reason why he loves Bosco’s is because variety of merchandise, mostly video games and weapons. What he wished Bosco’s had was clothes that fit him because he is too tall. When he was asked if he had the chance to work for Bosco’s, he answered, “Yeah, it’s a cheerful place.” He sometimes cosplays as his favorite character from both anime and marvel comics as a hobby.