First Friday Art Walk


Above we see the inside of Sevigny Studio during the First Friday Art Walk.

Marisabel Ramirez, Reporter

First Friday Art Walk is an event that occurs the First Friday of every month where painters, photographers, artists, and others display their work and discuss technique at different shops around downtown. Most of the galleries are within walking distance of each other, so it’s easy to make this an Art Walk.

This tradition was established in Anchorage more than 20 years ago. It’s purpose is to encourage collaboration among art galleries to draw the attention of the community to bring visibility and visitors to the local art galleries. “It’s a fun and unique way for the community to enjoy the artwork created by local artist here in Anchorage,” says Brianna Lindemann, an employee at Sevigny Studio, located on 4th Avenue downtown. 

With people roaming the streets walking in and out of every store, there are many shops that participate in First Friday who keep their doors open until later hours and provide free food and entertainment for the customers. Sevigny Studio is one of the many shops located in downtown Anchorage that participates in the First Friday Art Walk. “The art that is displayed itself, draws a lot of customers on First Friday, but the free food and music really completes the experience,” explained  Lindemann.

Sevigny Studio displays all kinds of artwork along the walls of the store made by different artist. The owner of Sevigny receives the artwork from artists she knows, and sells them in her store. When selling a piece of artwork, the artist gets 60 percent of what is made and the store gets 40 percent. “They have a lot of really interesting pieces and I think it’s cool how they have a wide variety of types of artwork like photographs, and paintings and sculptures, it is not just one type of art,” commented Skylar Workman, a customer at Sevigny. The owner also considers new upcoming artist to give her samples of their art to sell in her store as well. This was Workman’s first time participating in the First Friday Art Walk and he says, “I really enjoyed visiting all of the stores, each shop has something different to offer which makes each one unique.”

Octopus Ink. is another shop right around the corner from Sevigny Studio which also takes part in First Friday. Octopus Ink. has been open for seven years and has participated in the First Friday Art Walk ever since. The store is usually open everyday until five but on First Friday stays open until 10 p.m.

The store provides free snacks and music for visitors who come in and browse the artwork displayed in their shop. Shara Dorris says, “First Fridays are probably our busiest days, lots of people come in especially in the summer.” Dorris is the owner and a featured artist at Octopus Ink,  which sells many things from clothing, to accessories, to paintings, to even cups, all designed and made by Dorris. All of the merchandise is beach themed, the owner explains “My artwork has been inspired by the sea and the beach which then made we want to create eco-minded clothing with all of my drawings.”