Jared Woods


Jared Woods performing on Thursday, February 4th, 2016 at the Fancy Moose Lodge.

Parker Roy, Reporter

Jared Woods has known since he first heard The Beatles at age three that he wanted to be a musician.

His musical career began with he and his mother taking violin lessons together, because she did not want him to play guitar. He eventually gave up on playing the violin and when he was 13 his mom bought him his first guitar, by the time he was 15 years old he was performing in front of people. “I’m just wired that way I’ve never I’ve just never imagined doing anything else, and it’s just exactly what happened,” said Woods.

Woods has had a regular performance at the Fancy Moose Lodge at the Lake Front Hotel in Anchorage every Thursday evening for about the past four years. He also does other festivals and performance around town. He is hired for most of his gigs, but occasionally if there is an event he really wants to get he will try and find a connection to get in. Woods dream performance would be for “Saturday Night Live.”

Erin Danielson was introduced to Woods music several years ago at a house concert and has listened to his music ever since. At all of Wood’s performances, he has his CD, “Bonfire” for sale. “I bought his CD the first time I was him perform, I really liked his music,” said Danielson.

Along with his own songs, Woods chooses his set list based on how the audience reacts to what he starts playing. “I have a master list of all the songs that I do and I just start playing stuff and if people respond positively to it, I just move on from there,” said Woods.

His fans all have come to know his music and follow his shows around town, coming when they can. Megan Clapper is just one of those many fans who follows Woods’ music. Clapper has been to several of his shows and attempts to attend when she can. “I have listened to him a couple of times…we come here to see him,” said Clapper.

He knows how to read the audience’s energy and match the mood with his music. He tries to alternate what he plays between a cover and then one of his own, that way people can hear some of what they know and get to know Woods’ music. “ I love it, we love [Woods’ music],” said Clapper.