West Talent Show Review

West’s city Talent show was scheduled for Saturday January 31st at 6:30 p.m. located at the West Anchorage High School Auditorium, and tickets were purchased for only five dollars. The annual event kicked off student, friends and parents weekend. The show is open to all high school students, and all talents are encouraged to tryout from, poets, dancers, and of course singers. Talent shows can be such a funny event to attend, but can also be very entertaining and fun as well.

Mariah Bennett feels that “Talent shows are a fun and easy way to find the talented people at west, and the people who try very hard but still don’t quite cut it as being labeled as “talented” but confident. It was very interesting to see the facial expressions the audience were making during each act, when some contestants sang or danced, people “ooo’d” and “ahhh’d” or quietly chuckled in the back. And of course parents smiled and cheered for their daughters and sons vs someone like Nora who was the only contestant who read two poems she wrote that touched many people and gave them chills. Or with others, disturbed them in such a remarkable way by how passionate she is about her work and how strong she stood against every eye that was on her.

After all contestants preform, five specially picked teachers rate how well they felt you preformed 1-10. Ms. Stephl, Mr. Bernoski, Ms. Honemann, Ms. Evans, and Ms. Jones judged kindly and as kind as they possibly could so they don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. There are two rounds in the show, the first where everyone has a turn, and the second round where they pick the top four highest scores, and then the top two battle it out.

Annie Rush says “As much as I enjoyed the laughs and entertainment, having my sister in the show made me team Rosie and Maddie all the way”. Rosie Rush, Maddie Currier, and Kenten Berg and Trenton Jacobs both made it to the top two, but all of them sang very different songs. Maddie and Rosie sang soft music such as “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeren, and “The House that Built me” by Miranda Lambert. Kenton Berg and Trenton Jacobs sang more of rock music such as “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor and “It’s Been Awhile” by Stained, both pairs did insanely well and worked very hard.

In the end Kenton and Trenton battled it out with the girls and came out on top, and the crowd cheered as well as their close friends and family. Talent shows are more so meant for fun, but for true musicians, dancers and poets, it means a lot more than just some friendly competition. When all that time, effort and hard work pays off by leaving you within inches from what you want, or with exactly what you wanted, its simply bitter sweet. Mariah Bennett’s mother Mrs. Jennings shows her support by saying, “Better luck next year girls, and congratulations boys, you’re both winners through West’s eyes.”