Temple Vice: Multi-Sport Athlete


Sophomore Temple Vice is not only the Captain of the varsity hockey cheer squad, she is also a star volleyball & softball player and an aspiring bodybuilder.

At West High there are very few students that can pull off going to school and doing more than two sports in one season. Temple Vice is a junior at West High that is involved in a sport year-round while staying continuously in school sports for each season. She started off the 2014 school year with making the varsity volleyball team here at West. As soon as the season ended, her competitive league softball starts up. Softball is year round sport, but they have a month off until their actual games start up.

Also she is the captain of the varsity hockey cheer, which starts the same time as her competitive league softball. On top of that, she has started her workout training this year as a body builder. She plans to win the Mrs. West body builder competition this year. After hockey cheer ends she will be in competitive league softball still, and varsity softball for West.

Temple Vice got moved up to varsity volleyball team this year. She played with her life long friend, Alyssa Albright this season. When asked what Temple brings to the team, Albright says, “She’s always so bubbly, and sweet but as soon as it’s time to get serious in a game her competitive side really shows.” Neither Temple nor Alyssa know how many points she has scored in one game, but she has scored quite a few for the team this year. Alyssa says Temple is not any different outside of volleyball or school; she is just a little more relaxed and calm, but still her upbeat self.

Albright says, “The team would not be the same without her, she brings such a good vibe, and really knows how to cheer people up after a bad loss.” Temple says, “I have been playing volleyball since I was a little girl, I might go on to continue playing volleyball in college but its not the sport I’m focusing on.” Temple plans on playing volleyball for West for her senior and is excited to get back on the court.

Temple has played varsity softball for two years now. She plans to play in college and has been working towards it her whole high school career. Temple also plans to get a free ride scholarship to college to play softball. She is currently in league softball; she’s been playing in league softball for ten years now. Temple will be playing on varsity for West again this upcoming spring, and her senior year next year.

When her teammate Leslie Bingham was asked what temple brings to her softball team, she giggles and says, “She is very energetic, she makes everyone laugh, and is always so supportive.”  Lesley said that she does not really know her inside of school but outside of school she is just as nice and energetic but isn’t under as much pressure, like she is during a game. Temple has always loved the game, and isn’t sure how many homeruns she’s made in one game, she says “I don’t play to win, it is a nice plus, but I play because I love the game itself, I always have.”

Temple has just recently sparked an interest for bodybuilding. She has found it extremely rewarding and stressful. She enjoys how competitive it is, and loves pushing to change her body to the extreme. If Temple wins Mrs. West this upcoming spring, she is not sure if she will keep bodybuilding. She will try to keep up such clean and healthy eating habits. Temple also does hockey cheer for West as a little side sport. She got into it because her twin brother Jack plays hockey for West, and she loves to cheer him on.

Temple will try to participate in hockey cheer her senior year but isn’t totally sure yet. It all depends on how busy she is next year.