Halloween is a time of year where kids and adults can dress up as anything they want and get free candy! Most adults stay home and give out candy to the trick-or-treaters. Other adults may have little parties at their house, or even make their house into a haunted house so the trick or treaters will have fun.

Jordan Samarin went trick-or-treating with her siblings around their neighborhood, and they came along a haunted house. She said, “it was scary, but it could’ve been scarier.”  Most people keep it simple and carve a pumpkin, watch scary movies, and give out candy. Some people just go out to parties and enjoy Halloween.

Many people celebrate Halloween, but there are many people out there who don’t. No one is forcing anyone to celebrate Halloween. It’s a time of year to have fun, and spend time with loved ones, and getting candy. A survey of 100 West students shows the following: 25 percent of people went trick-or-treating; 10 percent of people handed out candy; 30 percent of people went to a party; 10 percent of people went to a haunted house; and 10 percent joined a costume contest.

Chris Ray had a great Halloween. “I like the fact that you can dress up as whatever you want and get candy for it.”  He was ash from Pokémon, and he matched with his girlfriend, which was Pikachu. They made their costumes home made. He went trick-or-treating in Spenard, and on south side. He prefers to trick-or-treat in south side because they hand out full candy bars, and gives you a hand full. Trick-or-treating is his favorite thing to do, because he gets free candy. The only thing Chris does not like about Halloween is that there are people out there that can will try to do something to the candy, like poison it or put a razor in it. Halloween is in his top three favorite holidays.

Miranda Gregory has two kids, and she dressed up as a gothic fairy, the two-year-old daughter was dressed as a scary monster, and he five-month-old son was a tiger. She went trick-or-treating at the Northway Mall, and around her neighborhood.  Miranda carved a pumpkin with her boyfriend and her daughter, and then she went to a family get-together at her mothers, and joined a family costume contest. The contest went on the age, so her baby won, and her mother won in the adult contest (she was Betty form the Flintstones). “I had the best Halloween, and I wouldn’t have done anything different,” Miranda said.

Overall, Halloween is a time of year to have fun. Halloween is the scariest of seasons a time for lots of candy, good friends, top horror movies and a free pass to scare your family. Halloween is just another holiday, enjoy yourself and have fun.