Homecoming Dance 2014


Seniors Katie Shake, Alexa Stanley, Sabrina Carlson and Mariah Bennett show their Homecoming pride!

Are you planning to go to the homecoming dance? Well, save the date for October 16, the new date for this year’s dance! This year is a little different than normal because of the schedule of the homecoming activities, but no worries everything is still happening.

Every year homecoming is around the same time in the month of September, but this year Student Government voted to have the homecoming game at our new West High football field on Friday, October 3rd.

Since the game was on a Friday after school, they thought it would be a good idea to have the dance that night after the game. “Our plan was to make it an event to remember for everyone,” says Kelsey Romig.

The week of September 29th through October 3rd was planned to be a fun week of homecoming activities like spirit week, the assembly on Friday, a tailgate barbecue party to celebrate the opening of the West High field, the football game, and then the homecoming dance that night.

Everything was planned and ready to go until Kelsey Romig, the student government teacher, got an email from administration regarding the Jewish Holiday that was on the same night as the homecoming dance. He then had a few students come to him about the holiday explaining that they could not make it since their holiday was the same night. Although a dance is not a mandatory event, the administration decided that we could not have the event on the same night as the holiday.

Some students were a little frustrated with the situation, especially students in student government since they had planned everything out and put hard work into it, and then it had to be rescheduled. “I do not think it is fair that this happened last minute,” one student, Veronica Jordan says.

All of the activities were to go as planned, except the dance had to be rescheduled or canceled. “Spirit week and the football game were a huge success and they were everything we had planned them to be,” Sam Wedin exclaims, “hopefully the dance will be the same.”

After a few days of discussing what would happen, Student Government decided it was best to reschedule the dance for October 16. They had thought about rescheduling it for Saturday, October 4, but that was also another religious. “I do not know how the dance will go, but I’m hoping that it will have a great turnout, especially since it is on a Thursday and students will most likely not have to work the next Friday morning,” Romig says.

As for the week of October 16, the school will be having another spirit week for the homecoming dance. This is the first year that the homecoming dance got pushed back all the way into October, but the date of the dance will not affect any upcoming dances or the scheduling of them. There will not be another assembly or homecoming game for the dance, but the new spirit week should be fun and hopefully get everyone pumped up for the dance.