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Matthew Anton Buitizon Salazar is a freshmen and the only freshman in Broadcast Journalism 2. Matthew has only one sister named Monica and is the youngest sibling, but is the tallest person in their family and their family is from the Philippines . Matthew went to Turnagain Elementary  K-6 and went to Romig Middle School.

He absolutely enjoys listening to different kinds of music from Elvis to J.Cole, and one of his favorite songs is Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers and every song by Queen especially Somebody to Love and Love of My Life due to the great vocals of Freddie Mercury and guitar playing of Brian Mays. He doesn’t really have a favorite movie as there’s too many movies to pick from, but one of his favorite movie series is the Indiana Jones series and is very excited as Harrison Ford will play in Indiana Jones five in 2021, but out of all the movies in the series it has to be The Last Crusade.

If Matthew would have one magical power it would either be a super saiyan or have phasing. One of Matthew’s goals is to finish high school go to college and become a archeology teacher. Hobbies that Matthew enjoys doing is playing some Call of Duty games specifically Black Ops One. His favorite class is global geography with Profe Cooley and Broadcast Journalism 2. His interests in journalism is to be honest and tell the truth in the news. “Yes We Can”

Matthew Salazar, Reporter

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Matthew Salazar