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Colleen De Leon
Colleen De Leon is a sixteen year-old  junior this year at West Anchorage High School. Her interests consist of editing videos or compilations of different shows/movies that she enjoys and taking part in the DanceWest Program. Although some might see it as childish, she very much enjoys watching cartoons and anime (ex: Steven Universe  that capture her attention with a deep plot as well as dark or normal humor). Her favorite class is Dance Intermediate as she finds it to be her safe place where she can express most aspects of herself and continue to grow as a dancer.

One of her biggest inspirations is Irene-Rose Antonio, her dance teacher at West Anchorage High School. She strives to encourage her and other students to work hard and express your feelings into movement and dance and someone with determination like that gives Colleen with pumped energy to work hard to achieve her goals. Some of her goals are to graduate high school and go to college, but most importantly work on herself mentally in hopes to do the things that she loves all while being happy do it.


Colleen De Leon, Reporter

Mar 04, 2019
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Colleen De Leon