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Daniel Jimenez, reporter

An automotive enthusiast, Daniel Jimenez attends West Anchorage High School as a senior and is excited to begin his life as an auto mechanic. Jimenez has a huge fascination with cars and plans on pursuing his goals by working at Continental Subaru as a line technician. If all else fails, he plans on opening up a tow truck company within the next couple years. Jimenez says has been growing up around cars since he was a kid and enjoys working on them.

His dad currently owns a private shop and he works there with him when he isn’t busy with school. Jimenez’s also owns a huge shop and has a full on race car which has inspired him to build one after he graduates high school.

When Jimenez isn’t working or busy with school, he enjoys hanging with his homeboys, and playing fortnite. Jimenez doesn’t really believe in homework so he thought taking journalism would be a good class to take.

Jimenez has is the middle of 4 siblings, he’s got one older brother, a younger brother and 2 younger sisters. He says they constantly keep him busy between asking for rides to practice or needing help with things.

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Daniel Jimenez