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Abdenico Lopez, Reporter

Abdenico Lopez was born on October 24th, 1996 and is currently a senior at West High School. He is an avid soccer fan and absolutely loves the sport in every aspect. He is number 38 on the West High School Soccer team. He has been playing soccer since he was in 5th grade and plans to continue playing for much longer. On the Soccer team at West High School he plays defender and mid field. Being a strong athlete his biggest piece of advice for someone to live their life on is to never give up no matter what. Outside of playing sports like soccer he enjoys working out and and playing video games.

Abdencio’s favorite memory from high school by far is when they beat the seeming unbeatable diamond high school in soccer. He has had a lot of great times playing soccer but by far his best memory is scoring a free kick in a game. There are a lot of good coaches at west that have trained student athletes over the years but his favorite coach by far is coach Caleb. Soccer takes a lot of hard work and dedication he said the biggest challenges in soccer was the conditioning at practice.

Abdenico also loves his family and puts them high on his priority list. He has a 13 year old brother and an 11 year old sister.  The most important things in his life are his soccer cleats and his mom. He has enjoyed his time at West and has grown to love Mr.Berglund as a teacher. After Graduating West High School he plans on going to college in Oregon. For all those underclassmen the best piece of advice he can offer you is to use common sense, it will keep you out of trouble and on track for your schooling years at West High School.


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Abdenico Lopez