The Contest of the Champion

West High School Spring competition cheer went to Florida to compete during Spring break. From February 27th to March 7th. The competition was called “The Contest of the Champion” and the team took fourth place of four. Cheerleaders Miranda Evon, an 18-year-old senior excited to go, Brianna M. Williams a freshman eager to go, coach of the cheerleaders, Tonya Carney also excited to go, went to Florida for the Competition Contest with the rest of the cheerleaders. Most of the cheerleaders consisted of freshmen, and sophomores besides the only senior, Miranda Evon.

“Some cheerleaders parents’ pay but If any cheerleader couldn’t afford the ticket, they had to fundraise” Miranda said. The fundraised money goes towards the plane ticket, and the hotel. She says she fundraised a lot, seven-eight times she fundraised just to get to Florida. Does she believe the team is ready?

“I’m ready, I’m ready to compete. But them, I don’t know,” Miranda said. Miranda also says that she’s excited to go but that she also is not excited because she believes the team needs more work. She says their practices were every week for 20 hours a week, 5:30-7:30 on weekdays, and Saturdays from eight a.m. to twelve p.m..

Were they ready to compete? Brianna M. Williams says, “No, I do not believe we practiced enough a week.” She also says if there were a couple things she could change, it would be to practice more and take everything more serious as a team. What else is next? Is the season over?

“It’s a year-round sport,” Brianna said. They had a state competition March 17th. She says that it was a lot of fun, because every single day they were not at the competition they went to a park. After competing, she says was a lot more fun because they were our everyday. Brianna’s last words are, “Cheer next year.”

Spring cheer coach, Tonya Carney, also went to Florida for a week with the cheerleaders to compete. A coach for 15 years, she says that she does enjoy coaching the team because it is enjoyable. Does she believe the team was ready?

“In some aspects, yes and in some aspects, no, it’s a good eye-opener for them,” Tonya said. Tonya also says that they practiced two and a half hours a day, and 6-9 hours a week. Traveling to Florida along with West was East High School basketball cheerleaders to Florida. West was not the only school that went to Florida.

Her last words are “They’ve worked really hard, and I’m interested in how they will do in Florida.”