West Vs. Service Boys Basketball

The game started off completely even, each team pushing forward harder and harder scoring points after points. The fans were going crazy on each side screaming, and cheering on their team. The biggest rivals meet again after the 2014 state game going head to head and the game going to the Service Cougars. With the Service Cougars coming out with the big win last year West Eagles needed all the strength and power they could get to push forward and win this game.

Megan Hunt a fellow West High basketball fan and a basketball cheerleader says, “I think having all the parents and fans there for senior night really motivated the team to work as hard as they possibly can with communicating and really pushing forward.” When halftime comes around the West High Eagles still were in the lead by seven points. West High in the third quarter saw an opportunity to push forward and get ahead further and they take it, but it wasn’t long before when the Service Cougars caught up.

West High fan Taylor Kanayurak says, “I didn’t doubt for one second the West boys wouldn’t push forward to win this game, Service is our biggest rivals we couldn’t let them win.” West High player Brandon Huffman says “It was a really close game all the way through, but with all the hard work we put in we came out on top, and it was a good win for the team and pulled us closer together.” When the Service Cougars came back during the fourth quarter the game was getting close with great dunks from Brandon Huffman and good shots from the Service Cougars. There seemed to be a lot of calls that West disagreed with the refs.

With the points continuously going back and forth and both teams striving for a good win. West High continues to keep up with shots but in the end service starts tries to make a comeback they are pushing as hard as they can but West High’s defense doesn’t back down and they keep pushing to make sure the Service Cougars would not get past them. With the final score 57-51 West Eagles had made it clear to let the Service Cougars know that with six points ahead at the end they were coming back better then ever and would not stop at anything for a good defeat.