Final Boys Basketball C-Team Game Of The Season

The West High School boys C-team basketball took on the Chugiak High School Mustangs Thursday night, January 26th, 2015 for their last game of the season. The game started at 6pm at the Chugiak High School gymnasium. The West C-team boys were up by 15 until the last quarter of the game. Chugiak managed to cut the lead to 5, but the Eagles managed to get the win.

After an intense game the Eagles ended their season with a 7 wins and 5 losses. Most of the guys were unhappy because this was their last game of the season. Kevin Tabbilos a freshman said, “I wish we had more games because I just started getting confident about my game. Captain Deven Jackson also a freshman said, “this being our last game sucks because I had a lot of fun with my teammates, we were all like brothers.”

Kevin Tabbilos scored his season high with 16 points. He also added 6 assists and 2 steals to help the Eagles beat the Mustangs. Kevin said, “We should’ve beat them by more points because they were not that good, and we’re a lot better than them.” He also said that the team was not ready to play, and that they came out thinking that they will beat them easily. He also said what he’s going to miss about this season is the fooling around in the locker room after games. Kevin said, “One thing I learned about this basketball season is to work as a team.”

A 5”0 freshman captain Deven Jackson for C-team who swung for JV for a few games scored 10 points and added four assists. Deven Jackson has been playing basketball since he was seven. He said, “I think our last game of the season was not as good as our last few games because we came out too comfortable.” He also said, “even though we did not play that good, we still won our last game.” His plan next season is to make and start for junior varsity. He said, “one thing I learned this season is to play my game and not try to take over the game by myself.”