West Valley vs. West High Girls

West High School girls played against the West Valley girls in an intense basketball game, Wednesday night, February 25. It was an action packed game in which the West Valley girls rallied to win 49-45. The game was very profound; the score went back and forth, in which each team battles to gain the upper hand. Both teams made some good plays. Our West girls went through quite a bit of injuries this season and they lost some key players because of it. “We have four starters out to injury. So we’re fighting, playing hard and working hard,” Coach Engel stated. Before the game, Coach Engel knew that the West girls would be in for a good hard basketball game. West Valley has one player that is their number one player and coach Engel knew that the girls would be is for quite the matchup.

The West High bleachers were packed with fans from both West Valley and West High. Benjamin Nishimoto, a fanatic fan, got into the game and paid close attention to detail to both teams. “I like to watch to the West girls play, because I have a few friends on the team. I like to sit up high with my trusty binocs, the ones I use when I hunt… To pay close attention to the players and the plays they make,” Benjamin Nishimoto declared with great confidence.

Even though both teams played their hardest, West Valley managed to pull ahead by 4 points during the last few minutes of the 4th quarter. The West girls played intensely and put up a furious fight all the way to the last second of the game.

After the game Benjamin had some things to say, “It was a good game. The girls did play hard to the end. So good job to them I guess, even though they lost.” This game seemed to show our West girls that even up to the end, play your hardest. Even though this game was a close one and the score went back and forth, it made them realize to never give up.