Aces Game

The Alaska Aces are a popular hockey team here in Alaska. They are very popular among Alaskan’s with crowds that grow to almost 6,000 in the Sullivan Arena. They are apart of the ECHL league which stands for Eastern Conference Hockey League. ECHL is like the third division in professional hockey. “I used to go to the games all the time, they were so fun and I wish I went to them as much as I did now,” Jami Carey says. She does not go to them anymore because life has gotten busier and she cannot find the time anymore. “I went a few times before, and I had a lot of fun too, I can’t wait to see this next one!” Sarah Nelson says. She is a friend of Jami’s and went with her to a few games before.

On March 14, 2015 at 7:15 P.M. the Alaska Aces went head to head for the third time in a row against the Colorado Eagles. Although there was not too much action like fights or arguments, the game itself was exciting enough. It was a tie for awhile with Niklas Lundstrom scoring their first goal. As the game progressed Brendan Connolly scored their second goal put them up by one point. After the second goal it stayed pretty steady at two to one. It was a tough match between The Aces and The Colorado Eagles, but The Aces came out with a victory after no more goals were scored. “After not going to a game for so long, it made this one so fun! I hope to start going again more,” Jami says. “I loved how the Aces wore green jerseys to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day,” Sarah says. They both agreed they’re favorite part was when Connolly scored the goal that would win them the game. The crowd went wild, everyone was cheering and ringing their spirit bells.

If you are looking for something to do in the future, attending an Aces game would be a worth your while. The crowd is live, the game is exciting, and if you are craving greasy, tasty, sugary food then this is the place to go!