West Basketball


Noah Christy defends the pass in the Eagles end in the second game of the Alaska Airlines Classic

Coming off a huge blowout win against the Kodiak Bears on Thursday in front of the student body, the Eagles went on to play their second game in the Alaska Airlines classic. In front of a big West crowd, the Eagles went on to beat the Coral Academy Falcons 56-47 after a stunning second half comeback.

They started out the season at 2-1 starting the Alaska Airlines Classic tournament on Thursday. Devante Doutrive supported the team by scoring 15 points and 14 rebounds. After first half Coral Academy led the Eagles 27- 13. West scored 23 points in the third quarter, outscoring the Falcons 23-6. At the start of the fourth quarter the West Anchorage Eagles took a slim lead of only 2 points leading 35-33 at the start. West then went on to score 21 points in the final quarter.

Devante Doutrive, a sophomore, was the outstanding star for the Eagles who in this game scored 15 points and got 14 rebounds. Another Eagle who had just as good of a game was Da’zhon Wyche who scored 15 points as well.

It was a great game for fans to watch as it was fast paced action and everyone loves to see their team pull themselves out of a loss. The first half the crowd started out very energetic and that hype soon died down shortly after due to Isaiah Spears, who scored 17 points, the most in the game against the Eagles with most of it coming in the first half.  A fan who watched both games, Gavin Breiner, had this to say, “It was interesting to watch, at halftime I didn’t expect to us to come back and do anything. I thought our chances in the tournament were over. I was quite happy with the results.”  The Eagle’s Nest was filled to the brim with energetic students cheering on their team.

After this game the Eagles are headed for the championship versus Windermere Prep tomorrow at 6:30 in the West high gym. The Coral Academy Falcons move on to play for third place against the East Thunderbirds.

The Eagles are now 4-1 overall in play and won their last 4 games. Before the game, announcer and active basketball fan, Sven Berglund, said, “They are really starting to play like a team which gives them a huge advantage against the other teams and really makes us competitive against these teams from the Lower 48.” The rest of the season looks really bright for the West High Boys Basketball Team.