Samuel Morgan

Samuel Morgan is a soccer player. He is a sophomore here at West Anchorage High School. He currently plays for a rec team in Anchorage. Samuel has been playing soccer for many years, ever since he can remember, in fact. Since he could walk, he was kicking around a soccer ball. He has played in many leagues and in many positions and he loves it.

Samuel works very hard to be a good team player. “He [Samuel] works his little heart out during practices and games,” said his Brother Zach Morgan, who is also an active soccer player. The sibling rivalry between the two is intense, with each claiming that they are the better player. Morgan has a game every Saturday morning at the dome. Every Thursday he attends practice at Trailside Elementary School. Even though he often plays goalie, his favorite position is a forward so that he can slam the ball into the goal. Sam hates to play defense because he does not like to stand around. He likes the thrill of being a forward.

Samuel does know what the Premier League is and he does not have a favorite team. But for the World Cup you can find Samuel on the couch watching Germany and Spain going head to head. Samuel plays on a recreational team, as he has done for years. Samuel stated, “Rec is nice if you are busy but you do get a lot of inexperienced players sometimes. If you are experienced then it can be hard to deal with them, but it is all for fun.”

If Sam had to choose he would rather play in competitions. He said, “It is more on my level.” Sam would someday like to play for the West High Soccer Team. He wants to play on the varsity team, not on JV. Even if he played on varsity, he said, “I would still want to be a forward, possibly a goalie. Definitely not a defender though, I hate that position.”