Lydia Blanchett: Star Skier

Do you ever wonder how people who are great at what they do achieve their success? Are you interested in sports? There are people around us that are fairly impressive in sports like skiing and they could be going to your school. Lydia Blanchett is one of the top skiers in the entire state of Alaska. She has won races like Alaska’s Junior Nationals and almost all cross country ski races for the West Varsity Girls Team.

Lydia Blanchet is one of West High’s top skiers. Lydia says, “Skiing has been a part of my life even before I can remember.” She had fallen a few times while attempting to learn skiing, just like everyone else, but for the most part, the sport was pretty natural to her at a young age.

Lydia’s family is a part of the ski community. She started out in Anchorage Junior Nordic, which is the main ski program in Anchorage, which her mother used to manage. She said she likes skiing because there’s a really great skiing community in Anchorage and that she has made so many great friends from skiing when she was young. She also likes skiing because it is an aerobic sport and you get to push your body to accomplish things that, according to Lydia, are really achievable.

Lydia also says that it’s a great way to get outside and enjoy winter. Lydia does not really dislike anything about skiing. Although she said that the downside to skiing is that you would need to be very highly committed. An interesting upcoming event that Lydia might partake in is the state championships, which is in the third week of February.