Starting QB


Sam Wedin and Sean Duffy are the starting quarterbacks for West 2014 football season.

There is heavy competition between the two quarterback’s for the starting spot at West Anchorage High School. No one is guaranteed a starting spot on the football team. Never being complacent and always trying to out work the next person is what is going to keep each of their spots safe.

Sam Wedin, 17-year-old senior quarterback, has been playing football since he was in 5th grade and has 760 throwing yards and three touchdown passes. He has been playing QB since his second year of playing football. This is going to be his 4th season playing here at West High school.

Although last year for his junior year he suffered a season ending injury and sat out the rest of the year. “It was definitely heartbreaking and it killed me for a while. It was depressing,” Sam says about sitting out his junior year. He started playing varsity his sophomore year. He has enjoyed his time playing here at West. “It has been an up and down experience but mostly ups” Sam says. He is not sure of what season he has had the most success because his senior season is yet to be over.

The other quarterback Sean Duffy, 17, has 493 throwing yards and 2 touchdown passes on this season. Sean started playing football three years ago as quarterback. This is going to be his second year playing football for West and is going to be his second year on the varsity team.

Sean has enjoyed playing football here at West “I love it here. It’s an awesome team and the guys I play with are sweet,” Sean says. When being asked what year do you think you have had the most success he answers, “This one.”

Tim Davis, the varsity coach here at West, has been coaching for 14 years. This is going to be Coach Davis’s sixth year coaching varsity here at West. When asked have you enjoyed coaching here at West Coach Davis says, “I love it. It’s really what gets me up in the morning. It is a blessing to be apart of it everyday and to work with young men who want to become leader the world.”

There is heavy competition everywhere and the best player on the field gets that position. The quarterback has a tremendous amount of responsibility but it’s no different than any other position on the field.

As of right now Sam Wedin is the starting quarterback for the West team while Sean Duffy is out with a concussion. Coach Davis says he feels pressure choosing the right quarterback. “You always want to make sure you have the right guy in.” He wants to put in the guys who is going to perform on the field and make the best decisions. Who ever takes care of the ball the most is the person he wants to be in.