West High School Volleyball


West High School’s varsity volleyball is a strong, hard working team that tries their hardest in every game to represent us Eagles in the best way possible.

Most of the team has been playing volleyball since young ages, for instance Lesley Bingham and Alyssa Albright have both played for Midnight Sun previous years and currently on the varsity and junior varsity teams at West this year.

Each athlete on the team had to work their butt off at tryouts to show that they each had something to offer to the team. “The varsity team gets along very well, volleyball is something we all love and have in common. It’s made us all become very close,” says Alyssa Albright. “Our coach has a lot of experience with volleyball and is very supportive after wins, sometimes he can be a little overbearing but it helps us try harder and we appreciate everything he does for us,” Albright says.

This season the varsity team had a chance to go to Juneau to play in matches. “We played pretty well, we got second in pool play but lost our first game in bracket so we were out the rest of the games,” says Temple Vice. “Overall it was a great trip that made us come even closer than we were before which was surprising.”

Albright says, “I thought we were as close as a team can get that’s why”. They came back to Anchorage excited and ready to face their next competitor who would be the Bartlett Bears. The varsity girls were not the only ones who were excited to be back and playing. West High senior Zoey Werner is a major West sports fan “duh, West side,” said Zoey. She was overjoyed when talking about going to their upcoming game to support her favorite player and close friend “number two on the team number one in my heart, Temple Vice,” says Zoey chuckling.

West varsity volleyball went up against the Bartlett Bears this Tuesday. “If we stick together and our communication is strong, we should be able to beat Bartlett with no problem,” said Albright.

With that said their communication couldn’t have been any better that night, they played their hardest to beat the Bartlett Bears and it worked. In a set of three games they crushed the Bartlett Bears by winning every one of them.

Stocked after the wins Vice says, “I knew we could beat them if we put our mind to it”. “Winning definitely gets us up in high spirits, and makes us very hyped for our next games but we have to be very careful not to get too cocky because it might cause us to lose our next games also,” says Albright. After their awesome wins and tough losses the team has been through it all together.

They are ready to for their next challenges as a team and hope to keep doing good after such a great win. The team asks everyone to go out and support them. They won’t regret it!