Dalton Chapman

Many people dream of making it to the big league with their sport, but for Dalton Chapman that dream is already coming true. He is a senior at West Anchorage High School and eager to leave for Everett Community College in Washington on a full ride scholarship for baseball in the fall.

Chapman has been looking forward to going to Everett for quite some time. The college won the Northwest Athletic Association of Community College (NWAACC) just last year. The Everett Trojan’s win made him even more committed to advance to a higher league team. Everett coach, Levi Lacey, has also been very interested in Chapman’s skill. “I’ve been in contact with (Lacey) for three years now.” Chapman says. He played for the Lacey’s summer baseball team at Laces Baseball Academy located in Seattle.

His junior year of high school, Chapman earned Cook Inlet Conference first team honors as a pitcher and first base. This great accomplishment was accompanied by an amazing record of striking out 55 batters in 30.2 innings of work. His fastball flies at a consistent 85 to 87 miles per hour. Encouraged by the impressive personal records he has so far, Chapman is still dedicated to training at the dome.

In a separate interview with the Alaska Sports Hall of Fame, he mentioned that he could not be comfortable with his scholarship and that he needs to keep pushing himself to be even better. Chapman has not received very much negative attention from his scholarship because most everyone notices the effort he has put in and feels it is well deserved.

The future baseball star could not be more ecstatic to go on with his baseball career. “I have been set there and I’m really happy that I made that decision,” Chapman says. He’s encouraged greatly by his school to make it to the big league.