Football State Champs: What Now?

What are the recently crowned state champion football players at West doing now? After a hard road to the state title game, it will only get harder trying to get back there next year.

After beginning the season with two straight losses, most of the student body and community thought it was going to be a rough season. But after regrouping and pushing each other hard in practice they went on a hot streak, winning nine games in a row including the championship game.

Having amazing play from players like Leroy Elliott, Lui Fa’amasino, Tyrone Davis, and other very good seniors, helped West reach their goal at the end of the season.

The junior tight end Jeremiah Cordero said, “The road to the championship was a very difficult one, that I wouldn’t redo. Although the outcome was good I wouldn’t want to do it again like that.” West lost by 10 points the first game and seven points the second, but finished the season very well. Some games were very tough wins, such as only winning by three points against Dimond High School and Palmer High School.

Leroy Elliott and Lui Fa’amasino proudly display their winnings.

A lot of preparation is key for a successful season. The junior wide receiver Gelano Bell, says, “my preseason training consisted of a lot of time in the weight room, working with my coaches on my routes, and improving my hands.” Increasing strength and hand-eye coordination were really big things for the wide receivers success in the season. For Jeremiah, his preseason training was hitting the weight room hard, a lot of conditioning, and losing a lot of weight to help improve.

After winning the championship Bell said, “I was excited, but after it settled I knew it was time to start working toward the next one.” The off-season is where championships are won. Many players are back in the weight room to bulk up and get stronger. Not only do you have to prepare physically to be a champion, you have to prepare mentally as well.

After the mental and physical preparation is over it’s time to preform. Gelano said, “I like to think I had a phenomenal season, I wouldn’t change anything about it because I knew my role on the team.” Everyone is working hard toward the same goal for next year, and they believe it’s going to end the same way, another ring.

It takes a lot of dedication and focus to achieve what you want to get. Success in football requires a strong football mind. When you are at practice, you can physically feel the expectation of success. You are not practicing for hours each day to lose. Players play the game because they love it and they will excel in the game because of their passion for it. When playing football or any sport you’re in it to win it.

This win not only gave the school a bigger sense of pride and added to the long list of state titles this year. It also gives a lesson how the power of unity can overcome adversity and experience.