The Fur Rondy

The Fur Rendezvous Winter Festival is also known locally as the “Fur Rondy” or just “Rondy.” It is a festival that has been around Anchorage since 1935 in downtown. It normally starts around the end of February and lasts 10 days. There is so much you can do at the Fur Rondy, but many believe the best part of the whole thing, is the delicious food they provide. Think of any food, and you’ll find it at the Fur Rondy. From corn on the cob, to elephant ears, and even to the most popular; corn fritters.

Callie Orizotti went to the Fur Rondy Friday, February 27th after school with her family. She went with her sister, her dad, and her mom. They went on rides, walked down to the ice sculptures, and just enjoyed time with the family. After they went on rides, they walked around the food area. Callie knew exactly what she wanted to eat as soon as she got there. She wanted her favorite, corn on the cob. As soon as she saw the booth that sold the corn on the cob, she went straight to it and waited in a long line for ten minutes. Callie says, “I really love the corn on the cob because it’s always really warm and satisfying after going on all the rides and walking around for an hour and a half in the cold.” The corn on the cob they have at Fur Rondy is huge, it can feed 2 hungry girls but nope, Callie ate it all to herself. She even said “The 10 minute wait was worth every bite of that corn.”

Rachel Fisher had nothing to do on Saturday and decided that maybe the Fur Rondy would be a great idea. She called up some friends and they all got together to go to the festival. None of them really wanted to go on rides. They all just wanted to go there for the food, including Rachel. She had been dreaming about eating an elephant ear the whole ride there. All her friends ate different things they had caramel apples, lemonade, cotton candy, hot dogs, but Rachel just stuck to her elephant ears. She said, “The only reason why I come here is to eat elephant ears. I love them so much and it’s not very often when I can eat them.” After her and all her friends ate, they just left. Rachel said, “Maybe if it wasn’t so cold I would stay longer but it’s only worth the elephant ears.”

Mariah Bennett went to the festival Sunday night. She thought it would be fun to go when no one was really there. She also thought that it would be a better idea to go when no one is there because that just means a shorter line for the corn fritters. Mariah says, “The corn fritters are the best part about the Fur Rondy and the best part about the State Fair.” She always eats them whenever she is there. Mariah also said, “If it weren’t for the corn fritters, I don’t think I would even come.”

Other people enjoy going on rides and checking things out, but the people who don’t, just like to eat all the food because they can’t eat it on a daily basis but it only comes around every once in a while. The Fur Rondy is definitely the place to be at this time of year.